Artist’s Statement

I am an artist and writer by trade.

I make small-scale mixed-media drawings that utilise delicate lines and a particular attention to detail. There’s no grand theory or objective behind them, other than a wish to depict a slice of everyday life, the beauty of nature, or storybook nostalgia, with contemporary zing – be it a shimmering tone or three, an experimental mix of colour, or a fine neon edge.

I try to draw every day, setting aside anything between 20 seconds and a hour. My tools of choice are fineliners, colour felt-tips, Posca pens, and ordinary gel pens in metallic, glittery and neon hues. I also work with soft watercolour pencil and Conté pastel, and I’ve even made use of a cheap biro: its ink has a beetle-like iridescence that I love.

I don’t do many portraits, unless they’re of my children or myself. I prefer to draw food, plant life, modern life, woodland scenes, fairytale scenarios, small details (eg. a glossy strawberry, the back end of a departing horse) and local architectural features.

Sometimes I leave drawings unfinished with vast expanses of space, aiming to lend the smaller drawn areas a force of their own.

I tend to work to A5 and A6 size on heavyweight, lightly textured paper, although some private commissions have been created in A4 size. The feel of said paper enhances the joy I take in mark-making; favourites include Ingres paper, Manila paper, cartridge paper upwards of 200gsm, watercolour card.

Ultimately, my drawings aim to charm you with their gentle warmth and bon mot, and yet retain a fresh and enigmatic quality.

Commissions start at £40 with a six-week turnaround. Please take a look at my Instagram gallery in the right-hand sidebar (handle: @drawingsbymelissamostyn).

Alternatively, visit my greeting card shop at, where I sell a variety of designs in a number of categories including Food, Equestrian Life, Woodland and Plant Life, and Modern Living.

Expressions of interest can be emailed to me at mostynmelissa (at) gmail dot com

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