Disability Arts Online

Review: Deafinitely Theatre’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 4 June 2014
Review: Chris Fonseca’s So Beautiful choreography, 18 March 2014
Review: Frozen by fingersmiths, 9 March 2014
‘A doubly emotionally-charged performance’: Melissa Mostyn’s review of Deafinitely Theatre’s TWO (blog), 18 December 2013
The End (preview), 16 June 2011
The Silence? A faint discord, more like, 19 July 2010
Double Sentence, 11 February 2009
Tools of Communication, 18 January 2009
But beautiful are the chances you take, February 2007
Running the course of tragi-comedy, 1 February 2007

The Lounge

Autumn 2008
Summer 2008
Spring 2008
Winter 2007
Autumn 2007
Summer 2007

The Independent

Legs: a user’s guide, 27 August 1997
Hats off to the Stetson, 6 August 1997


David Bowie’s Outside review, December 1995

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