Project management

Dumb Art Ahead (revised), Miles Thomas 2008. Based on the original piece by Hamish Roberts

Having grown up deaf nearly all my life, my speciality area of expertise is Deaf Arts, i.e. arts made by deaf people for deaf people and audiences with an interest in Deaf Culture.

The biggest and most ambitious arts project I ever managed was Salon, a deaf-led grant-funded organisation based in the South-East. We aimed to empower deaf and hard-of-hearing adults, children, young people and practising artists to explore deaf conceptual art ideology through a variety of developmental activities in the South-East and London.

This included art retreats at King’s Wood, in partnership with Stour Valley Arts; all-day artist-led workshops at Modern Art Oxford; outreach work with isolated deaf artists; a residential drawing workshop with GCSE students at Mary Hare School as part of The Big Draw 2007; a window installation at OVADA; and an exhibition of Salon Limited Editions prints at Nicomsoup, London.

Salon had an extensive marketing strategy in lieu of the variety of communication methods used by the wider deaf and hard-of-hearing population, including DVD documentaries, BSL web clips, YouTube trailers, and The Lounge, our in-house quarterly hybrid bulletin which I wrote, edited and produced.

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