Public speaking

Me (far right) at the annual Women’s Aid conference, 2015.

For seven years, I have given presentations in BSL at conferences, festivals, and invite-only events – both within the Deaf Community, and mainstream – that revolve around my personal experience as a deaf person.

While the topics under discussion concern the deaf lived experience and are often sensitive and raw, I always aim to be articulate and candid in my delivery, ensuring that my audience comes away with a new understanding that cannot be gleaned from academic research. These include domestic abuse, mental health issues, grief, special-needs parenting, and identity issues.

If you’d like to book me for your conference to discuss one of the above topics, please email mostynmelissa at gmail dot com

Keynote speaker:

2016 Annual British Society of Mental Health and Deafness (BSMHD) conference
2015 Annual NHS Safeguarding conference: ‘Hidden Voices’
2015 DeafHope, informal presentation on domestic abuse with deaf survivors
2015 Heathlands School, Being a deaf parent of a disabled child
2011 Healthy Deaf Minds quarterly event, ‘Deaf Carers’


2018 Women of the World (WOW) Exeter, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ session
2015 WOW Southbank Festival, ‘Rock Bottom’ session
2015 Annual Women’s Aid conference, diversity session

350 NHS Safeguarding professionals giving a BSL hand wave at the end of my 45-minute keynote presentation, 2015.