Notsosuperwithatandembuggy (prototype, 2013)

In 2013, I took part in Short Circuit at Lighthouse, Brighton, which aimed to foster deaf and disability arts in the realm of digital media funded by Arts Council England. Over the course of a weekend, I created a prototype for an animated short appearing as a weekly or fortnightly comic-strip about life as a Deaf parent of two very young children in collaboration with Dave Packer of Sheepfilms. You can view the clip below.

CODA (2011)

Part of the fun of making CODA was the opportunity to experiment with visuals. I have always been attracted to European arthouse films and wanted to insert quirky visuals that diverted slightly from dramatic film-making convention and gave you inventive ‘punchlines’ to remember the film by.

One example is the female lead’s foetus punching out, which appears at 3.25 into the film (click here to watch). It consisted of inserting my 18-month-old daughter’s hand in a condom filled with water, and getting her to punch out. VFX director Miles Thomas had the action filmed against a plain black backdrop with a torch strategically lit on the condom. See the original footage below.

When I first proposed the idea to my producer, he quipped: ‘A baby in a condom. Now there’s a beautiful irony.’

For more details about CODA, click here.

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