Artist’s Statement

I am an artist and writer by trade.

I make small-scale mixed-media drawings, mostly pen, that utilise delicate lines, cross-hatching, and a particular attention to detail. There’s no grand theory or objective behind them, other than a wish to depict a slice of everyday life, the beauty of nature, or storybook nostalgia, with contemporary zing – be it a shimmering tone or three, an experimental colour, or a fine neon edge.

I try to draw every day, setting aside anything between 20 seconds and a hour. My tools of choice are usually fineliners, Posca pens, cheap biros and gel pens in a wide variety of colours. I’ve also been known to work with watercolour pencil and Conté pastels.

I enjoy drawing any subject that takes my fancy: food, plant life, modern living, woodland scenes, fairytale scenarios, small details, portraits, and local architectural features.

Sometimes I leave drawings unfinished with vast expanses of space, aiming to lend the smaller drawn areas a force of their own.

I tend to work to A5 and A6 size on heavyweight, lightly textured paper. The feel of said paper enhances the joy I take in mark-making; favourites include Ingres paper, Manila paper, cartridge paper upwards of 200gsm, watercolour card.

Ultimately, my drawings aim to charm you with their gentle warmth and bon mot, and yet retain a fresh and enigmatic quality.

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