Working with Deafinitely Theatre’s Hub

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Left to right: Jim Fish, Sophie Stone,Paula Garfield, Matt Gurney in Deafinitely Theatre’s production of TWO. Photo: Simon Kane

Since July 2013 I’ve been participating in Deafinitely Theatre’s Hub as a writer. The Hub is part of a three-year initiative to nurture the skills and experience of Deaf actors, writers and directors with a view to enabling access to mainstream opportunities. I’ve attended several acting workshops by way of introduction to theatrical practice as well as a presentation about Deaf Theatre History. For more info, click here.

Presently I am working on my first character monologue with the support of fellow Deaf writers and facilitator Andrew Muir, and will be performing it myself to an invited audience on 22nd February 2014. Keep checking back for an update. Meanwhile, you can track my development on this blog.

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