Experimental animation with Short Circuit

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Brighton, where the Short Circuit weekend took place.
Brighton, where the Short Circuit weekend took place.
Last June I took part in Short Circuit, a weekend of creative development in digital media funded by Arts Council England spent working with a variety of deaf and disability artists and animators.

The weekend was an opportunity for artists to explore ideas in the realm of digital media, thus bringing disability arts into 21st century technology.

In collaboration with Dave Packer of Sheepfilms, I made a short animated prototype of myself as a not-so-superheroine living in a world of Squares (ie. mainstream people), drawing inspiration from my blog, The Mostyn-Thomas Journal.

This is what we came up with:

At the moment I’m not sure where to take this idea, but do keep checking back for updates.

Prior to the weekend all the artists were asked to select a digital master piece and explain why. Read my contribution here.

I was also interviewed on film about Short Circuit, explaining my reasons for getting involved:

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