I am an author, film director, blogger, journalist and arts critic. I live in the Home Counties with my two children.

My grand passion is freedom of expression and it is this that drives my diverse love of the arts and media. Originally a fashion journalist, I now write about parenting, the arts, disability and deaf issues, and over the years have contributed to Vogue, Esquire, The Observer, The Independent, BLOOM, New Zealand Style, The Huffington Post, British Deaf News and Disability Arts Online, among many others.

For three years I blogged at The Mostyn-Thomas Journal about life as a deaf parent bringing up a child with multiple disabilities, and how that impacted on my own perspective of disability in general. The material was republished as an e-memoir, My Daughter and I, on 24th April 2014 and can be viewed in Amazon’s Kindle store.

My latest film, LISTEN, EVEN WHEN YOUR HEART IS CRYING, a 28′ documentary about grief from a Deaf person’s perspective produced by Neath Films in association with the BSLBT, was released on Film4 and online to widespread acclaim on 5th January 2015, and is presently being submitted to film festivals all over the world. You can see the film here.

Read my writer-to-writer interview with Lizzie Ward here.

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